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Seeds Santa Fe is coming up next week! If you take a look at the schedule below, you will see that Seeds is filled with special and gorgeous programs that join together community and facilitate learning, growth, peace, and joy. We're asking for your support-- consider investing in We Are the Seeds by making a tax deductible donation today. Thank you so much!
We Are the Seeds Santa Fe - August 15-16 - Santa Fe Railyard

Art Show and Sale
Performance Stage
Including Zachariah Julian, Celeste Worl, Sherenté Harris, Tchin, JJ Otero, Jennifer Perez, Jacob Shije, Na'hoy Let'sii dance troupe
Basket Weavers Collective
Elder basket weavers representing Apache, Pueblo, Coast Salish, and Dine’ communities will convene to work, share, and discuss their traditions and techniques.
Archival photo project with photographer Roberto Jackson (Gila River) 
A studio will be created on site to capture formal portraits of We Are the Seeds artists, performers, and participants to document and honor those who are an integral part of the Seeds movement. 
Art Creation Station/Arrowsoul Art and Live screen printing by Sabawear (Dine’/Walatowa)
Visitors will learn about screen printing processes and make their own designs with hands on instruction.
Corn Husk Doll Workshop with Dawn Spears (Narragansett/Choctaw)
Visitors are invited to make a cornhusk doll and learn about their purpose and history.
Honor Women Project
Seeds Santa Fe will highlight and honor Indigenous women artists. Each of the featured artists will share and demonstrate their techniques for visitors.
Complete the Circle Program with Sherenté Harris (Narragansett)
Through writing, speaking, performance, and visual art, Sherenté opposes the prolonged issue of Indigenous invisibility and brings about positive cultural change for LGBTQ+ and Two Spirit people within Indigenous communities.
Evening Social Dances 
An evening of song and social dances led by Sherenté Harris (Narragansett).
Following the tradition of our communities, Seeds will host an evening of social dances. These dances encourage community participation and help to keep traditions alive. 
 ‘I Will Carry You’ Fashion Event produced by ACONAV (Acoma Pueblo)
A unique and fabulous interactive fashion art event. Designers will create looks inspired by ‘I Will Carry You’, a children’s book authored by Colleen Farwell. 

Rolling Rez Arts Bus
Rolling Rez Arts is a state-of-the-art mobile arts space, business training center, and mobile bank on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Since 2016 the bus has held over 900 art classes, opened hundreds of bank accounts through the Lakota Federal Credit Union, and helped put on average $3,000 per month into the local economy through wholesale purchasing in partnership with The Heritage Center at Red Cloud Indian School. 
Join us as we continue to uplift and center Indigenous voices through the arts. Join us in our efforts to bring more beauty and light to this world. Thank you!

We Are the Seeds of CultureTrust is a charitable organization founded and led by a team of Indigenous women who are dedicated to educating the world about art and culture as it relates to understanding Indigenous people, the history of the United States, and who we all are as American people today. The organization produces cultural events that feature fine art, music, dance, fashion, literary, and culinary art. Additionally, Seeds hosts interactive art programs and workshops that focus on educating and empowering the youth.

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